Welcome to McCann Sales, Inc. - Sourcing Made Easy . . . 

MCCANN SALES is all about saving your company time and money.  For twenty years we have specialized both domestically and offshore in sourcing:

  • Castings

  • Deep-drawn shapes

  • Machined parts

  • All forms of fabrication

We exclusively represent niche type manufacturing processes that in many cases buyers and engineers are not familiar with.  We will evaluate your parts and do all the legwork finding the most cost effective way to manufacture your product.  

In today’s competitive market place the key to success is finding the right vendor for the right application.  If your company is introducing a new product, trying to cost reduce an existing one, or just not satisfied with your current source, we can help you find a solution.


Click on the links or images below for a full description of the process and 
McCann Sales' principals.

V-Process V-Process
Truly a cross-
over process as it competes at different levels.
Investment Casting Investment Casting
Offers alloy flexibility by pouring both ferrous and non ferrous alloys.
Die Casting Die Casting 
Has the ability to produce castings with closest dimensional control.
Permanent Mold Casting
Produces non-ferrous high-density, high-strength castings with a smooth surface finish.
Sand Casting
Capable of pouring castings from ounces to tons and has very economical tooling and casting prices.
Deep Drawn
Produces a metal part by forming it around a punch as it is drawn through a die.
ISO 9001 registered precision machining services.
Precision Sheet Metal
Sheet metal fabricator specializing in 
both precision sheet metal and steel fabrication.
Leading mfr. of miniature cables, fittings, pulleys and  assemblies.